Kennel Staff

Keith Bingham- Supervisor

Keith came to DoGone Fun! with experience in child care at a local park district. He found that the skills he learned there translated well to the doggie day care setting. Keith began as a caregiver in the playlot in February of 2007. He is very attentive to the individual needs of each dog and deals patiently with any issues that may arise. He also uses his artistic education to take many of the great photos of our dogs.  As a supervisor, he is responsible for training new staff, ensuring the cleanliness of the play lots, and kennels and overseeing the care for all of our dogs. Currently, Keith is a level I certified PCSA Pet Care Technician, and he is working on his level II certification.


Anna Evans- Supervisor

Anna has worked with dogs for many years both here in the U.S. and in Poland. Her degree in psychology is evident when you watch Anna work with the dogs. She is always trying to figure out what's going on in the dogs' minds so she can better relate to them. Anna's experience has taught her great patience and empathy for each dog and their idiosyncrasies. All of the dogs at DoGone Fun! are in love with Anna. Anna is one of our supervisors responsible for our kennel and playlots. She is a level II certified PCSA Pet Care Technician.



Rachel Sierra- Supervisor







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